Weddings FQA's

What packages do you have?

No packages! An à la carte menu for you to select any and exactly the items you need to fit your bridal party, guest numbers and venue. I find this way your not buying anything just for the sake of it being in a package. It’s all really tailored to make the best impact for your specific wedding.

What the difference between classic and premium?

The difference between the two is not a sort of style but the type of flower varieties and the abundance of flowers. The Classic budget is filled with beautiful familiar flowers & foliage varieties in unique sculptural designs. The Premium budget accounts for more flower abundant design, with minimal foliage OR the use of more premium high price floral varieties like roses and orchids.


How would you recommend I spend my budget?

I always say instead of many small bits and pieces, focus on a few statement pieces that you and your guests will really notice and that will shine in photo memories. Top picks; Bridal Bouquet, Ceremony backdrop and table arrangements.


How to book?!

1. Enquire to see if your date is free.
2. Fill in the getting to know you and item selection form.
3. Receive your customised quote and make any adjustments.
4. Pay your booking fee to lock in the date.
5. Get excited that Valenteen(me) is working away on your concept and securing the perfect flowers for your vibe.
6. 6 weeks out from the wedding; have a phone call with me to finesse all the gorge details and ask any and all questions.
7. 2 weeks out from wedding; pay your invoice in full.
8. Your wedding day; is here beautiful blooms to blow your mind.


Do you do Sydney weddings?

Yes! No location is off limits. Love a bit of travel and designing for new spaces. My delivery and installation prices are calculated from Newcastle, so the distance will be reflected in the price. But I promise I’m worth it.


Can I change my mind about what I want after I’ve booked? Can’t decide on arbor style.

Yes definitely, your mind is bound to change about x72895 times before the wedding arrives so no stress if you’re not 100%. 6 wks out from the wedding we have a phone call to go over everything and finalise designs. For arbors my quotes work on cover per meter so the specific shape of the design can change no drama. As soon as your booked in I immediately start chipping away at the concept, design, sourcing flowers and allocating resources, because of this I can’t reduce the quote amount, but we can add or reallocate your quote spend be able to create the vision you’ve settled on! 


Will dahlias be in season?!

Dahlias fav seasons are summer and autumn but weather events and just the seasons generally have been so varied lately that nothings a guarantee! I don’t talk in terms of certain flowers not only because of potential unavailability but also because of what even better options may become available as we come into the 6 weeks before your wedding. I prioritise quality, Aus grown flowers that work towards creating a feel/vibe/aesthetic (eg a light and airy rambling garden) that fits the concept design we’ve come up with!

How far in advance do I book?

There are no rules! The only constraint is if your date gets booked out first. I find people are most often looking about a year in advance. But I love a last mini booking, the creativity is fresh!


May I get a quote please!

Absolutely. You can send me a dm or enquire on my website. I’ll send you through my price menu, style notes to get to know you and selection form. Easy peasy. 

I want something really special, can I chat out my idea with someone?

I’m all ears for your unique ideas and making things as special and personal as I can for you! The style guide and selection form that I ask you to answer gets to the bottom of the style, areas and approx quantities you can add your Pintrest board link or mood images. Talk about the feel we want to create I can tailor the quote items. 7 weeks out from your wedding we have a phone call to finesse you special design.


How much is the booking fee?

The booking fee is 30% of your quote. Once you’ve paid your date is locked away and planning and design begins!


How does pricing work?

My pricing system gives two menu options, ‘ Classic’ or ‘Premium’. (See the difference answered in FQA 2.) You select the items that tou need from either menu. I calculate labour and travel needs. And that’s how the quote price is found. Like I mentioned in an earlier FQA 1. I don’t offer packages, it’s tailored to you to have the style, flower items and quantities that you need.


Do you have a minimum spend?

Yes! I have very recently implemented a minimum spend. $1000 for pick-up and $4000 for a full service wedding.


Can I add things to my quote??

Absolutely. Booking can often happen more than a year out from your day so don't worry if your vision shifts and you want to add extra or different item, there is plenty of time to adjust! The 6 week out phone call is the best opportunity to finesse all the dets.


Can I move my ceremony arbor to my reception?

Repurposing florals from your ceremony is a great way to get extra value and something I love doing! We can design your ceremony feature in such a way that it works to create a whole new area at the reception.


What are bud vases?

Bud vases are small clusters of vases with single stems sculpturally arranged into them. A meter of coverage would look like an assortment of vases placed usually asymmetrically within the meter, to look overall balanced but casual. For example, one medium vase and 3 small vases. I love bud vases alternating with table arrangements along a table.


Any advice on florals in your hair on your wedding day?

Don’t mind a minimalist hair circlet/crown, nothing to Frida Carlo or too (literally) heavy. Adore single stems tucked into hair. I see everyone change into a fun party outfit at the reception, hair fleurs could be that sort of spice. I design with flowers that I know will last well out of water and won’t wilt. The same as a boutonnière keeping them refrigerated and moist will make them last.


When do we have to decide on vibe/colour palette?

There’s no need to rush to make decisions on anything! And even if you think you’re set on what you want I promise you’ll probably change your mind 5 times before the day. Once you’ve paid your deposit and you’re locked in you can chill until 6weeks out from the wedding when we’ll have a zoom call together and finesse style, colours, items, everything.


What is your minimum spend?

My min spend for delivery and installation is $4000, I’m still offering micro weddings and elopement’s with the pick up option, with a $1000 minimum.


What styling elements do you offer?

Currently ribbons and fruits. For example - ribbons tie sweetly on wine glass stems or around cutlery, single stems on plate or napkin. I haven’t got statement vases on offer atm because I prefer letting the flowers take up all the space. I have minimalist glass vases available or arrange into low bowls that can’t be seen. However working on adding candles and ceremony plinths to the line up! Let me know if you have suggestions. 


Favourite venues?





What is a cloud?

A cloud is a menu item I offer and when I use the term I mean… An organic form, usually a bit rounded but still flowing and sculpture in my usual style. No visible vases giving the effect of growing out of the ground, my favourite. Two balancing each other creates a perfect ceremony spot, or go for 3 or 4 to fill in that gab and create a full ground arbour.


Can I pick out my flowers (not one you wrote in but I’ve been asked in the past)

no way, trust me that is relaxing for no one. The experience, flower variety and design knowledge is what you’re paying for and is essential! Its the old going to a restaurant and asking to help cook the food analogy.


So I need to select premium if I want orchids?

Yes! Orchids are a premium flower and if you were to select classic and want orchids you’d need up with like two orchid stems for your whole bouquet! You can however mix and match from no thé the classic and premium menu, for example if you wanted roses in your bridal bouquet but all daisies for you brides maids you could go Premium for bridal and classic for the maids. The menus and my quoting is designed to be flexible to select just what you need.