Fresh flowers are back on Jan 14th


V a l . e n t . e e n  a boutique florist, run by one pair of hands. Bouquets are made to order and each stem is selected slow and considered.
Also find a thoughtful collection of everyday pieces to sit by your flowers for a beautiful tablescape.

Products available online or at maker store & studio wed -sun. Fresh flowers to be preordered, available for delivery on Friday.


The Brand

V a l . e n t . e e n is romantic florals alongside thoughtful everyday pieces for a beautiful tablescape.

Make doing the ordinary feel special and beautiful.

Bring aesthetics back to your table with classic pieces, simple and functional.

Flowers are a must, wild, weird and romantic.

An everyday necessity to dressing any table.

The Flowers

V a l . e n t . e e n intends to nourish a feeling of connection with nature, people around you and your-self through flowers.

Gifting others with love, thank yous, understanding and excitement through the beauty and language found in flowers.

Showing yourself care, placing flowers into your routine. A visual reward, calming scents and colour to sooth or stimulate.   

V a l . e n t . e e n focuses on curious texture and unique shapes, seeing a sculptural form in each individual stem and collating flowers together as an art piece.


 The Florist

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Morgan, I’m 29 years old and an authentic Novastrian. My three loves are flowers, sourdough and dogs. After trying out different paths in Interior Design and Marketing I decided to turn flowers into my profession with V a l .e n t . e e n Florals.  

Where is your business based and when did it open?

V a l .e n t . e e n has been growing for almost two years now and is currently based in Newcastle West out of ‘maker store & studio’ on Parry Street right next door to the delicious ‘Edwards Bar and Restaurant’. 

Maker store & studio has been the supportive vessel that has allowed V a l .e n t . e e n to flourish. The store & studio is an all female collective space, created with the conscious consumer in mind to showcase local, ethical & sustainable homewares, apparel, jewellery, skincare & florals. 

How would you describe your offering and style of floristry?

V a l .e n t . e e n is primarily a retail florist, in store at maker store & studio and about Newcastle delivering floral delight. I’ve also recently moved in to creating arrangements to bring something fresh to other small businesses, store windows and counter tops.  

I do my best to show people that flowers are for more than just special occasions and encourage the addition of flowers into the everyday as a weekly ritual. There is so much psychology around flowers and ways in which they can nourish us. 

V a l .e n t . e e n has developed this year from floral pieces into a holistic brand also offering floristry tools & tablewares. The new pieces in the collection around floral arranging and tablescapes hope to make doing the ordinary, such as setting the table, special and beautiful.

What do you love most about your work?

I really enjoy the freedom, hands on creativity and minimal use of desks floristry brings.

Although V a l .e n t . e e n is a solo project I am constantly in a creative brainstorm with other florists as well as the girls at maker store & studio who inspire me with their makings and motivate me in my own work. Being beside all of these other creatives is my favorite.