Gift Flowers

Inject a deeper sense of connection by attuning your gift to it's receiver.

Let them feel seen and understood.

Select a bouquet that reciprocates the energy they give you, or what you feel they presently need.

Each bouquet is made from fresh ingredients. In the Val.ent.een signature style; sculptural and unique, wild and romantic.

Choose from four palettes: Light and Airy | Bright and Bubbly | Natural and refined | Designers selection.

And two styles:
Classic or Premium
Delivery is every FRIDAY 12pm – 5pm

Please select your delivery zone under shipping when checking out.
Delivery zone options are 10km, 15km, and 20km from Newcastle center. Please refer to the map under the purchase guide if you are unsure.

Please ensure there is a safe place to leave flowers protected from theft and elements.
If the recipient lives in a unit or apartment, please leave detailed instructions.

Billing contact will be emailed once flowers have been delivered.
To send a love message with your bouquet, ‘add a note to your order’ when checking out. You can add a beautiful original hand drawn card to enhance your gift, found under ‘gifting’. Otherwise, all orders come with a val.ent.een mini note card.

Enjoy making your selection
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