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Corporate Fresh Floral Arrangement

Corporate Fresh Floral Arrangement

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Color Palette

A seasonal selection of fresh flowers and foliage arranged wild and romantic.

Elevate with flowers in your office space, window displays or shop counters and other special events. 

Timeframe and Delivery

Delivery for corporate arrangements is available Wednesdays & Fridays. Please contact if an alternate day. is needed.

Delivery zones are 10klm, 15klm and 20klm from Newcastle. See map in the delivery page. 

Please advise if you have unusual business hours or have specific delivery instructions. 

Style and Palette

Lights eg; soft pinks, muted greens and whites

Brights  eg; vibrant yellows, oranges and greens

Greens & Neutrals eg; an array of tonal greens, almond, beige and whites

Designers selection eg; a stunning surprise.  


If you have a vision more specific please send through an enquiry in the contact form.

Seasonal availability will affect palettes.


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