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  1.  a person or thing that makes or produces something.


  1.  a collaborative store and studio for refined design and mindful purchases. Home to  five local brands; studium, HALLE, val ent een, a. and UNIFORM. Curate and compose your aesthetic consciously. Understand the story behind each piece and support small makers.


Maker store & studio is a collaborative space located in Newcastle West, NSW. It is a unique retail space that is run & curated by five local women who showcase their wares with their brands a., Yuni, val.ent.een, HALLE & studium. All clothing, jewellery, skincare & floral arrangements are made lovingly by hand in Newcastle. 

The shop was created with the conscious consumer in mind - a space to showcase locally, ethically & sustainably made homewares, clothing, jewellery, skincare & floral art. The retail experience allows customers to make mindful purchases and curate their aesthetic consciously while interacting with the makers behind their purchases. 

As well as the five key brands mentioned above, maker store & studio is a host to other Australian, Japanese & Swedish makers. 

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Located in Parry Street’s West End couldersac Maker Store & Studio is surrounded by a creative community of shared workspaces, interior fit out showrooms, a graphic design house, bustling cafe, Hunter design school, everyones favourite The Edwards Restaurant and Record Store. 
Shop 3, 148 Parry Street 
Newcastle West 
2303, NSW